Artist, performer and teacher.

Learn more about how I combine teaching, the Alexander Technique and my own passion for music: 

There is a sense of immediacy in music.

It's about what's happening right then. What you see, hear and feel is about the moment. What you're experiencing is a two way relationship between the performer and the audience – where listening is the currency. 

I've had music in my heart since I was 4. A guitar in my hand since I was 10. Students since I was 24. Having stood on hundreds of stages, both solo and as a member of a group, I've felt the transfer of that connection. Through teaching, I've influenced the voice and skill of over a hundred students. 

Like many musicians, I was experiencing pain symptoms related to the amount of time I spent playing music. I sought therapy and relief in conventional medicine, tai chi, acupuncture and other methods to relieve the symptoms. My search for a discipline and balanced way to continue my love of music led me to the Alexander Technique. The Alexander Technique helps to identify and overcome harmful habits and unlock a more natural, comfortable and confident way of life. After seeing the benefits it brought to my own music, I pursued a certification in the program. I provide instruction in the technique in both musical and non-musical context.

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