If performing is a rush, passing along technique and style is a gift.

It’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know.  In giving lessons, I get as much as the students. Nurturing natural talent – refining skill with discipline – and discovering a unique sound – are the thrills of musical mentorship.

I train on acoustic, electric and classical guitar. Lessons can be conducted in my home or on site. I provide instruction in the following styles:

  • Rock
  •  Pop
  •  Funk
  •  Blues
  •  Folk
  • Country
  • Classical (Classical technique and repertoire)
  • Basic Jazz

The motivation for playing and practicing and getting better is feeling connected to the music. I teach the essential disciplines, but also connect with the student to create a custom course of study that unlocks the student’s passion and potential. 


30 minute session             $20                                      60 minute session             $40


Harel High School, Mevasseret, Israel
Head of the Music Department
09.2005 - 07.2015

  •  In charge of the professional and educational curriculum and staff
  • Preparing students to their matriculation exams in music theory, ear training and performance

Hoshen School, Jerusalem, Israel
Teaching Music Production and Studio Work
09.2013 - 07.2015

  •  Working with Teenagers at risk in a professional school teaching the trade of sound engineering and music production
  • Taught both music and administrative lessons to help the students develop vocational skills
  •  Recording guitars and bass on all students' projects

The Arab – Jewish Community Center, Jaffa, Israel
Guitar Teacher and Ensemble Director
09.2012 - 07.2015

  •  Working with students of all ages of the Arab and Jewish Community in Jaffa
  • Choosing and working on repertoire suitable for Jewish, Christian and Muslim students
  • Directing the Center's oriental rock ensemble, writing arrangements, compositions and recording with the ensemble 

Keshet High School, Jerusalem, Israel
Music Teacher
09.2004 - 07.2006

  •  Teaching music theory, music appreciation, and instructing performing ensembles

Adam Anthroposophical School, Jerusalem, Israel
Music Teacher
09.2000 - 07.2002

  • Teaching guitar and ensemble instruction